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*** These cards do not come with sketches by default. If you'd like a sketch on the back, head to the main shop page. If there are monthly sketch slots available you can purchase a pencil or ink sketch ***


Artist proofs are some of the rarest cards in Magic: The Gathering, with typically only 30 foil and 50 non-foil cards being produced. Sporting a white back due to being printing proofs, they are given to their respective artists to sign, sketch on, and sell.

While usually not tournament legal they are perfect for collectors who are fans of a particular card, card art, or artist.


Autographs are free with purchase and by default are signed in black in the text box. If you'd like to not have a signature or would like to request a certain colour please let me know!

Aven Skirmisher

  • Sketches are NOT bought or stipulated here. To purchase a sketch:

    - navigate to the main store page

    - view "add a sketch" and select sketch type you wish to buy

    - add it to this or a future order. make sure to reference any previous order number, which card it should be on, and if the sketch is artist's choice or your own idea

    - sketch ideas for the "ink and marker" option are best as simple, or zoomed in compositions

    -sketches have limited stock. If sketches are on offer, they will have stock added the 1st of each month around Noon EST

    - If you're unable to secure a sketch slot, you can always try again next month. All slots are first come first serve, with no reservations

  • If there is ever an issue with an order (damaged card, unsatisfied with AP sketches, order not received) please use the contact form at the top of the site to get in contact with me. I'm dedicated to making sure you're satisfied with your order!

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